Clinical Assistant

 Isa Bruner, M.Ed., is a clinical assistant at Quintessential Health. She is currently a student at Chestnut Hill College in the clinical Psy.D. program, with a concentration in psychological assessment.  She earned her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Her current research focuses on ways to enhance the therapeutic alliance with individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, as well as the efficacy of projective psychological assessments with different populations.  Her prior research has centered around early detection and intervention with toddlers suspected of being on the autism spectrum.  

She has experience working in a variety of clinical settings.  She has worked in a long-term residential facility for adults with schizophrenia, focusing on tasks of daily living.  She has also worked as a one-on-one support staff in the school setting for a child with behavioral concerns.  Her master’s level internship allowed her to work with individuals with substance use disorders who were receiving outpatient treatment in Philadelphia or virtual treatment at Camden County Correctional Facility.  The clinic and the prison allowed her to work with diverse populations and a variety of dual diagnoses such as mood disorders, trauma, personality disorders, and complicated grief.  She enjoys walking with her dog in downtown Philadelphia and spending time with her friends, painting and doing yoga!