The Quintessential Health Experience

Today’s workforce is dealing with obstacles and challenges that have had a significant impact on employee mental health. Employees have reported a greater increase in areas of anxiety, depression, and stress. Quintessential Health partners with employers to provide an evidence based and holistic approach to employee health that has led to a supported work place with lasting change. Providing support in the areas that matter most.

Our Approach

Collaborative Care

Our staff of psychologists and clinicians work directly with your leadership team and employees to identify the areas in which your team would benefit the most.

Virtual Setting & In-Person

Our program is designed to reach your team from virtually anywhere. it’s a fully interactive experience in which we engage with employees utilizing effective learning methods. We are also available to provide in-person services in the Philadelphia and surrounding area.

Data Driven

Tools and practices are developed through the collection of critical data from your employees. Progress is tracked to discover how our services have improved the level of care and well being of employees.

Exceptional Service

“Quintessential Health provides exceptional support and resources to our employees and human resource department, including annual psycho-educational webinars and mental health services. Our employee assistance programs are enhanced as a result of our QH partnership and we highly recommend them to other organizations.” ~ M3 USA

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