Nowadays, every day is a “high school reunion” when we are constantly checking our phones and being reminded of the people from the past. Some days, simply getting out of bed to get to the office on time can feel like a miracle. Meanwhile, our rival from junior year just had a baby, got a promotion, and bought a brand-new car. Seeing this while we are fighting to survive can feel discouraging and depressing.  

Studies show that social media has created a new monster in the mental health community. Many people are comparing themselves to the highlights they see on social media. These self-comparisons are causing symptoms of both depression and low self-esteem in social media users (Midgley & Thai, 2020). These deficits in self-esteem may also cause anxiety in our regular face-to-face interactions. So if you’re ever feeling down about yourself in your day-to-day reality after a long night of scrolling, you’re not alone! (Jiang & Ngein, 2020). 

Thankfully, there are many ways to cope with the anxiety and depression that social comparison caused by apps like Instagram. Here are some tools for you to use: 

  1. Gratitude Journaling 

Gratitude journaling is an excellent tool to keep track of the things in your life that you have and things in your life that are going well for you. 

  1. Comparing Yourself to Yourself 

Similar to gratitude journaling, comparing yourself to yourself is a great way to remember how far you’ve come in your journey and how great you are doing, despite what you might be seeing on social media.  

  1. Spending Time with Loved Ones in Person 

Our support network can be the best resource to remind us of our assets in life. The people in our lives are great reflections of ourselves, so spending time with those we love can remind us of the things we love about ourselves. 

  1. Spending Time Away from Social Media 

There’s a beautiful world outside social media waiting for us to explore! Get out there, walk, read a book, meditate, eat your favorite meal, or do something off-screen to lift your spirits.  

  1. Follow Mental Health and Wellness Resources 

Social media still has its positives! There are a plethora of resources on social media that can provide us with tips for improving our mental health and remind us of the positivity in our lives. Be sure to check out some of these resources, including QHealth! 


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