The winter blues are real and can be difficult to manage. Many experience an increase in symptoms of depression as the season changes. It can feel isolating and can bring a sense of hopelessness. The good news is, there are many coping strategies that you can use to help when you start to experience those winter blues! 

  1. Try to keep yourself moving 

As the winter months creep up and the weather changes, it might be tempting to stay inside and in bed. As appealing as that might sound, try to keep your body moving and get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a few days per week. Keeping your body moving and getting your blood pumping can help reduce depressive symptoms, regardless of the time of year! 

  1. Schedule time doing what you love  

Sometimes when we start to feel the blues, we also start to isolate ourselves. However, isolation ends up increasing those winter blues. Try to schedule time doing something that you love, whether it is a new hobby or spending time with family or friends. Pick a time and what you are going to do and put it right on your calendar to remind yourself to keep that time free to do what you love and so you are more likely to do it too! 

  1. Maintain your sleep schedule 

It can be easy to sleep in when it is cold outside, but your bed is warm! As tempting as this is, try to maintain your sleep schedule. Having a set sleep schedule and getting the amount of sleep needed is essential for your mental health.  

  1. Create a support system 

When we feel down, we might start to feel isolated from others. It is important for our mental health to create a support system and know that we have people to lean on. Take a few minutes to write out a list of those in your support system. If you start to feel down, take out that list, pick someone on the list, and call them, text them, or make plans to see them. 

  1. Talk to your therapist 

When things feel overwhelming or hopeless, we are always here to help! Call your therapist to make an appointment, and if you do not have a therapist, reach out to Quintessential Health ( to schedule your intake or free phone consultation! 

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By: Natalie Weaver