As we enter fall and many schools resume, it is important for students to stay educated about the signs of burnout and how to avoid it! Burnout can decrease motivation and lower academic performance if left unaddressed. 

Signs of burnout may include: 

  • Mental or physical exhaustion 
  • Negative thoughts towards school in general 
  • Decreased motivation to complete assignments or attend class
  • Lack of satisfaction in completion of assignments 
  • Headaches
  • Changes to your sleep or diet 

Now that you are able to spot some of the potential signs of burnout, you may be asking yourself how to avoid it. 

Tips for avoiding burnout include: 

  • Stay engaged in the class material 
  • Develop good study habits 
  • Avoid procrastination 
  • Practice self-care 
  • Get adequate sleep and nutrition 
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself and say “no” when your are too busy 
  • Confide in friends or classmates 
  • Take breaks when needed 

By staying aware of potential warning signs of burnout and knowing helpful tips to avoid it, you can be better prepared for this school year. And remain confident in your ability to stay motivated! 

If burnout ever becomes too difficult to manage alone, reach out to your campus counseling center to speak with a therapist or you can look into therapy here at Quintessential Health. A therapist may be able to help you develop skills to better manage burnout. 

-Caroline Shelby