By James Modico, M.A.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is commonly discussed with children. However, adults can also have ADHD. Ask yourself if you make careless mistakes? Have difficulty paying attention? Lose items? Get distracted? Fidget? (American Psychiatric Association, 2022). If these sound like you, you may be an adult with ADHD. 

Additionally, adults with ADHD may have problems with other areas. Socially, they may struggle with friendships. Academically, they may get lower grades. And with mood, they may find it challenging to control emotions. have problems with friendships (Tarver & Sayal, 2014) 

The causes of ADHD are not exactly known. But several things may contribute. These things are like genetics, smoking during pregnancy, low birth weight, and more (Tarver & Sayal, 2014). 

There is no “cure” for ADHD. But, people can do things to improve. First, if you think you have ADHD, you could get tested. An evaluation for ADHD at Quintessential Health would tell you if you have ADHD.  

If you have ADHD, you can do multiple things to improve. A psychologist could provide documentation for you to receive accommodations at school or work. And the psychologist could do a type of therapy that helps improve your organization and planning (Safren et al., 2017).  

If you think that you or another person has ADHD, Quintessential Health offers evaluations. If you would like to learn more, a free and complimentary 15-minute phone consult can be scheduled through the homepage of Quintessential Health. During this phone call, one of our clinicians can provide you with further details, answer your questions, and possibly schedule an intake for you. 


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